1. post-punker:

Debbie Harry at Punk Magazine's Christmas party, 1976, by Roberta Bayley

  2. Fund Drive Donation: WRIR-LP 97.3 FM

    Well, 2 days later and I’ve finished working on my show. That’s the way it works, folks. I come home from work and spend a few hours hunting and gathering music. Then I sort through it, picking out my favorite bits to share with you and putting it in an order that I think makes sense. I’m so thankful to have WRIR as a way of sharing my love of music with you.

    WRIR needs to raise $40,000 during our Spring Fund Drive. Any amount that you can donate will be put to good use to continue to bring you the programming that you enjoy. Please help us out. 


  3. kontractions:

    2nd day of practice.  Still got a few hangups to work through…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! The movie, the song, and my friend!

  4. active-rva:

Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow morning, at 2am Sunday, March 9th. Set your clocks forward by 1 hour when you go to bed, and remember to do your twice-yearly checkup on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
Here is some smoke alarm maintenance and safety information from the San Francisco Fire Department. Here is a more thorough review of smoke detector use and laws related to alarms. Smoke detectors save an average of one life every single day- it’s important to keep yours in working order. 
If you live in Richmond and don’t have a smoke detector, the Richmond Fire Department will provide you one for free, with batteries, and perform the installation. Find out more here. If you live somewhere else, contact your local government to find out if you can get a free smoke alarm. 
Here is some information on carbon monoxide poisoning and the maintenance of a carbon monoxide detector from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In America alone, there’s an average of 170 deaths per year from this colorless, odorless, oxygen-displacing gas. It’s known as the “silent killer” for a reason! 
If you are deaf or hard of hearing, contact your local fire authorities to inquire about free or loaned alarms with lights or bed-shakers.
  5. vinylandgeekstuff:

Bon Iver
  6. WRIR's awesome locally produced audio archive. Go here to stream the good stuff!

    Hey everybody!  WRIR has set up this neat-o radio archive that lets you stream locally produced programs that aired during the last 2 weeks.  It’s a great way to catch up on programs you may have missed. You can hear my show by scrolling down to find the Thursday Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl.  

    Give it a try and let me know what programs you’ve been listening to!

  7. soundsofrva:

    The Ar-Kaics - Windian LP teaser

    The Ar-Kaics are everywhere right now, and their music speaks for itself.  Once you’ve heard, you’re, like, “word.”  It makes sense, then, that the band is flooding the airwaves with multiple releases at one time. Above we’ve posted the teaser for the band’s upcoming April LP on Windian Records, and the songs are beyond bangers.  If you don’t get caught up with the rip-rolling guitars and loosey goosey drumming, you’ll stay for the punk-garage vocals and catchy melodies.  “You’ll Be Mine” walks the fine line between stalker and romantic with the heavy rush of guitar, crackling drums, and foreboding threat and/or promise.  The beginning lick sounds like it could have sprung from a Nirvana tribute band, but it gets more hectic and vibey. 

    Next, the band has a heady vinyl single coming out on Steady Sounds' record label - a 45 rpm double dose of the 'Kaic:

    A lot of these songs appeared in some incantation in the band’s demo from 2013.  Check out the band’s bandcamp for more music.

    GO SEE the Ar-Kaics next Thursday, 3/6 @ Strange Matter with Atlantic Thrills (Providence psych rock), Dirty Fences (NYC garage rock), Nancy (NYC noise), and Christi (RVA punk babes). 9:00, 18+, $7.  FB event.

  8. jessdrawz:

Making art makes me happy.  Music makes me happy.  So naturally, making art about music makes me double happy. 
  9. soundsofrva:

Monday night! 3/3 @ Steady Sounds, 7:00, $6 sugg. donation
  10. A few months ago I got to participate in a video shoot for SwampTrees’ song “Drop Me.”  Here’s the final product.

  11. Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl - 20140213

    PODCAST from yesterday’s show. Includes now-out-of-date snow closings and never-out-of-date kick-ass music! Follow the link to download or stream.

    (Source: monkeydogstudio)

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  13. brianmcdinosaur:

Over the weekend, I hung out with my friend’s band, White Laces, and photographed a few “band pics”. I’m not too sure what “band pics” are suppose to look like, but it was fun hanging out for a bit. This is one of the outtakes.
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  15. alisonselfmusic:

so I wanted to have a separate account for my music tumblr, and here it is!
it would be great if y’all could help me get all my followers back by re-blogging this post! I got a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months and some exciting news as well, wouldn’t want you to miss a thing ;)
thanks y’all!
 (alisonself.tumblr will remain up but will not be updated)
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