1. The Blue Rajas perform Darlene Love’s classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” at Nile, RVA. 12 Dec 2012

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    The Blue Rajas - “Linda Linda”.  This song was originally performed by Japanese band The Blue Hearts, but instead of just singing a translation, the Blue Rajas wrote new lyrics and made it their own.  

    I didn’t record show closer (and one of my favorite songs) “Papyrus”, as it was physically impossible due to my need to dance uncontrollably during that song. 

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    The Blue Rajas - “Jimmy Moon”

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    The Blue Rajas - “Reasons I Don’t Wanna Go To Your Stupid Party”

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    My pals the Blue Rajas played 3 shows in 4 days this past week.  It was their last batch of shows for a while, as drummer Gracie is heading off to college.  For that reason (along with the fact that they were FINALLY playing someplace with decent lighting!), I decided to record as much as I reasonably could.  This first video is for “Casanova Frankenstein and Mata Hari Zombie.”

  6. 18 April 2012 - The Blue Rajas performing “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl” at Strange Matter, RVA.

    (I’ve given up recording before when other people have gotten in the frame.  I think I’ve finally decided… fuck it.  Just keep recording.  The song is what matters.  I probably should have tagged Robert in this though, because I think the first head that crossed my shot was his.)

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  8. Podcast - River City Limits, with performance by Hoax Hunters

    Galaxy Girl hosting River City Limits on WRIR with a special performance by Hoax Hunters.  A local music extravaganza featuring lots of bands I saw during Janetpalooza!  Follow the link to stream or download the podcast.

    Hoax Hunters

  9. The Blue Rajas and The Itchy Hearts performing “Papyrus” at Cellar Door, Richmond, VA.  10 Mar 2012

    From Show 10 of Janetpalooza.

  10. The Blue Rajas performing “Pretty Baby” at Cellar Door, Richmond, VA.  10 Mar 2012

    From Show 10 of Janetpalooza.

  11. Show 11 - Paw Paw, Toothaches, Blue Rajas, Itchy Hearts
Cellar Door, RVA, 10 Mar 2012

^ Toothaches

^ The Itchy Hearts.  The weird 3/4-bright-and-1/4-darkness is from the flash of the photographer who was next to me.  There was a lot of flash that night.

^ Itchy Hearts rocking out.
Video of Blue Rajas to come.  I like recording at the shows, but video takes a lot more time to process.  So please bear with me as I try to get up to date with the photos and bring you the video a little later.  Deal?
  12. From Day 8.1 of Janetpalooza:  Hoax Hunters

    At Strange Matter, RVA. 8 Mar 2012

    In honor of International Women’s Day, they decided to cover a song “by a couple of awesome women.”  If only I had realized what they were doing sooner and started recording faster!  Here’s their cover of “Papyrus” by the Blue Rajas.

  13. Podcast - Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl 20120223

    You can stream or download this week’s Thursday Breakfast Blend by following the link above.  Today was a blend of psyche, soul, pop, garage, local & international tunes.  Plus tunes from a few bands playing in town soon.  And remembering Michael Davis of the MC5 and Christopher Reimer of Women.  Lots to cover!  

  14. 15 Dec 2011 Breakfast Blend Podcast

    Since I’ve posted the Wednesday podcasts, I may as well list my regular podcast, too, right?  Today’s show covered some of my favorite songs from 2011.  You can stream or download it from this link.