1. 86reality:

    This is the fourth episode of 86 REALITY! It aired September 04, 2012. 

    This episode features live performances by THE MILKSTAINS, as well as music by FIRE BISON, HOT DOLPHIN, NERVOUS TICKS, SACRED TEACHERS, SPORTS BAR, SWORDPLAY, and TOUGH LUCK!!! Enjoy.

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  2. 9 April 2012 - Boney Loner & The Sacred Teachers - “Ghastly Gunslinger”

    at Strange Matter, RVA.  

    It’s taken me a ridiculously long time to realize that when I turn down the brightness of my phone screen, I also turn down the brightness of the screen that shows me what I’m recording.  (D’oh!)  This one is a little blurry, but still enjoyable.  And because they performed from the floor, there’s not quite as much light, so you can’t see everybody even though I tried to pan back and forth a bit.

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  4. From Show 30 of Janetpalooza:  Boney Loner & the Sacred Teachers performing “Pots n Pans” at Kingdom, RVA, 29 Mar 2012

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  6. Podcast - River City Limits, with performance by Hoax Hunters

    Galaxy Girl hosting River City Limits on WRIR with a special performance by Hoax Hunters.  A local music extravaganza featuring lots of bands I saw during Janetpalooza!  Follow the link to stream or download the podcast.

    Hoax Hunters

  7. Show 26 of Janetpalooza: Boney Loner and the Sacred Teachers, The Lonely Teardrops, and The Milkstains
Emilio’s, RVA, 24 March 2012
(Flyer credit to whoever made the flyer. Other pics by me.)
After reading some great reviews, I was excited to finally get a chance to see a Boney Loner and the Sacred Teachers performance.  Unfortunately, Boney Loner himself was unable to perform that night, so the Sacred Teachers held down the fort on their own with Jamie Lay moving from drums to vocal duties, and Raph from the Milkstains covering Jamie’s role as drummer.

^ Jamie Lay and the Sacred Teachers.  I don’t remember as much about the music as I should, but I quite literally had my hands full.  Jamie asked if I would mind recording the performance for him, so I was operating his video camera with my right hand (trying to catch all his leaping around while trying to avoid the dancing ladies and the man who kept walking back and forth in front of me).  After starting his recording, I realized I would have no way to capture my OWN documentation, so I reached into my right pocket with my left hand (I am not left-handed), pulled out my phone, and somehow managed to take one not-too-shabby left-handed picture while simultaneously recording right-handed.  *WHEW*  

^ The Lonely Teardrops.  The previously mentioned dancing ladies really seemed to like them.

^ The Milkstains.  Holy hell, these guys rock!

^ This pic is blurry because I was dancing.

^ This pic is blurry because Raph was drumming JUST THAT FAST.

^ Gabe was awash in stage lights.

^ Another artsy angled shot of The Milkstains with Raph and John rocking out.
  8. Oh yes! One more show to add to Janetpalooza.  This one should be show 24 or 25 depending on who else I can see this week.  
  9. Boney Loner & the Sacred Teachers - “Cowboy Stripper”


    Boney Loner & the Sacred Teachers - “Cowboy Stripper”

    The first song from Boney Loner & the Sacred Teachers’ new EP is finally available for public listening!  Jay Lindsey (Bearstorm, The Hotdamns) is the man responsible for capturing these punks’ live show appeal.

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  10. soundsofrva:

Boney Loner and the Sacred Teachers - recording guitar overdubs 2-17-12