1. Awww… an interview with some of my favorite people, The Nervous Ticks.

  2. 27 Aug 2012: Nervous Ticks performing “Scum” at Strange Matter, RVA

    I’ve had this song stuck in my head since Monday.

  3. 27 Aug 2012: Nervous Ticks performing Angry Samoans’ “Steak Knife” at Strange Matter, RVA

  4. 27 Aug 2012: Nervous Ticks performing “Count Grishnackh” at Strange Matter, RVA.  

    I love the energy in this series of videos I recorded the other day.

  5. Nervous Ticks at Strange Matter, 23 June 2012.  

    Kyle (also of Navi and newly of the Eurotics) is drumming this time around.  I wish everyone’s vocals had been a little louder this time around.  But at least the drums stayed in place for this song!

  6. Nervous Ticks
    Summer Solstice Power Jam 3, 16 June 2012

    video by Silver Persinger

  7. Nervous Ticks - “Trash Talk”

    Summer Solstice Power Jam 3, 16 June 2012

    Here’s the one song I recorded while wondering when the cops were going to come in and shut everything down.

  8. 28 April 2012 - Nervous Ticks perform “Mindless Rev” and “Rat Brat” at Strange Matter.

    Because the floor lighting is so much darker than the stage lighting, I had a hard time seeing everyone in my screen.  I was also close enough that I knew I couldn’t FIT them all in the screen at once.  And I couldn’t really SEE what I was recording, except for Noell since the drums were pretty well lit.  I knew I could probably see Liza when the drums were to the right of the frame, so I panned back and forth to try to get everybody.  It took me a while to figure out that the light in the doorway was just past Chaz’s head, so if I could get that light in the frame, I was probably picking up Chaz as well. (Although he was still mostly in darkness, and I did cut his head off a few times. Sorry, Chaz.)

  9. 18 April 2012 - The Nervous Ticks performing “Hot Water” at Strange Matter, RVA.  

    This is a song I tried to catch when they played it at Kingdom, but my shot had been blocked by some dude with a big head who stepped RIGHT in front of me mid-song.  So this time I decided heads or no heads, I was getting this song!  As usual, I tried my darndest to keep everyone in the frame, but I didn’t always succeed.

  10. From Show 30 of Janetpalooza: The Nervous Ticks cover the Coachwhips’ “I Drank What”

    at Kingdom, RVA, 29 Mar 2012

  11. 1

    This interview cracks me up.


    Nervous Ticks: Garagey trash metal from Richmond, Virginia. Pure awesomeness.

    Who are you wearing?

    Chaz: The Spits!

    Liza: Oh dude, these jorts have seen all kinds of mess. One time I leant them to my buddy Pinche so’s he could swim in the ocean, and we were all splashing around and then…

    (via soundsofrva)

  13. Nervous Ticks performing “Come Clean”

    Strange Matter, RVA 18 Mar 2012  

    Show 17 of Janetpalooza.  

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