1. Eurotics at Strange Matter 25 June 2012.  (Yeah, I’m a bit slow at putting up some of this video, but I’m catching up.)  

  2. 5 June 2012 - Eurotics at The Camel, RVA

    I wish the vocals had been louder.  But it still gives you a sense of their sound if you haven’t heard them before.

  3. Podcast - River City Limits, with performance by Hoax Hunters

    Galaxy Girl hosting River City Limits on WRIR with a special performance by Hoax Hunters.  A local music extravaganza featuring lots of bands I saw during Janetpalooza!  Follow the link to stream or download the podcast.

    Hoax Hunters

  4. From Show 25 of Janetpalooza: Eurotics at Strange Matter, 23 Mar 2012.  Yeah, it’s dark.  Yeah, you can’t see a whole lot since they’re playing from the floor.  And yeah, you can’t hear the vocals very well.  But they had great energy, which I needed since this was the SIXTH band I’d seen that night.  I really wish the video had turned out better.

  5. Show 25 of Janetpalooza: Double Rainbow, James Badfellows, Eurotics, Hot Cha Cha, Electric Eel Shock
Strange Matter, RVA, 23 March 2012
^ Flyer credit to whoever made the flyer. Other pics by me.

After my friend Anna found out that I was going to the early Kurt Vile show, she asked me if I was going to stay around for the late Electric Eel Shock show as well.  I hadn’t heard them before, but Anna has similar music taste to mine, so I figured if she liked them, I’d like them, too.
I took so many pics and videos that I almost ran out of battery life.  Which just made me take more pics and videos.  Just in case.

^ Double Rainbow

^ Double Rainbow, now with more singing

^ James Badfellows

^ James Badfellows

^ Eurotics.  Ok, you know how much I hate using flash.  But I was standing on one of the seats against the wall, and I didn’t want to lose that perspective, and since Eurotics were playing from the unlit floor, I couldn’t capture anything except reflection off the bass.  So I used flash even though it mostly reflected off the backs of the heads of the people in front of me and still didn’t get a clear shot of the singer.

^ Hot Cha Cha.  I was amazed that I was able to get a few shots of the entire band in one place, because the singer kept jumping off the stage and singing from the floor… or from the top of the bar, as you’ll see when I post the video.  But here she is for a brief moment WITH the band.

^ Hot Cha Cha.  And here she is riding the monitor before hopping off the stage again.

^ Hot Cha Cha.  And here’s where she pulled almost the entire audience onto the stage before hopping back up to sing a bit more from the midst of the crowd.

^ Electric Eel Shock, from Japan.

^ Electric Eel Shock. Suicide Rock & Roll.

^ Electric Eel Shock interactive.

^ Electric Eel Shock. Drummer is wearing gloves and a sock.

^ Electric Eel Shock. No, nothing else. Just gloves and a floor-length sock.