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    The Blue Rajas - “Linda Linda”.  This song was originally performed by Japanese band The Blue Hearts, but instead of just singing a translation, the Blue Rajas wrote new lyrics and made it their own.  

    I didn’t record show closer (and one of my favorite songs) “Papyrus”, as it was physically impossible due to my need to dance uncontrollably during that song. 

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    The Blue Rajas - “Jimmy Moon”

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    The Blue Rajas - “Reasons I Don’t Wanna Go To Your Stupid Party”

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    My pals the Blue Rajas played 3 shows in 4 days this past week.  It was their last batch of shows for a while, as drummer Gracie is heading off to college.  For that reason (along with the fact that they were FINALLY playing someplace with decent lighting!), I decided to record as much as I reasonably could.  This first video is for “Casanova Frankenstein and Mata Hari Zombie.”

  5. 18 April 2012 - The Blue Rajas performing “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl” at Strange Matter, RVA.

    (I’ve given up recording before when other people have gotten in the frame.  I think I’ve finally decided… fuck it.  Just keep recording.  The song is what matters.  I probably should have tagged Robert in this though, because I think the first head that crossed my shot was his.)

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  7. The Blue Rajas and The Itchy Hearts performing “Papyrus” at Cellar Door, Richmond, VA.  10 Mar 2012

    From Show 10 of Janetpalooza.

  8. From Day 8.1 of Janetpalooza:  Hoax Hunters

    At Strange Matter, RVA. 8 Mar 2012

    In honor of International Women’s Day, they decided to cover a song “by a couple of awesome women.”  If only I had realized what they were doing sooner and started recording faster!  Here’s their cover of “Papyrus” by the Blue Rajas.