1. Tyrannosaurus Awesome performing “Jealous” at Strange Matter, RVA.  14 Sept 2012. 

  2. 27 Aug 2012: Nervous Ticks performing “Scum” at Strange Matter, RVA

    I’ve had this song stuck in my head since Monday.

  3. 27 Aug 2012: Nervous Ticks performing Angry Samoans’ “Steak Knife” at Strange Matter, RVA

  4. 27 Aug 2012: Nervous Ticks performing “Count Grishnackh” at Strange Matter, RVA.  

    I love the energy in this series of videos I recorded the other day.

  5. Sweet Fern performing “Tempe” at the Listening Room, RVA [3 of 3]

  6. Sweet Fern performing Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn’s “After the Fire Is Gone” at the Listening Room, RVA [2 of 3]

  7. Sweet Fern performing Bill Monroe’s “True Life Blues” at the Listening Room, RVA [1 of 3]

    Once a month, the Firehouse Theatre hosts The Listening Room, a space where people can sit and quietly LISTEN to musicians performing.  It’s a nice change of pace from the loud bars and restaurants where most bands play.  This month’s Listening Room was curated by Karen, of the blog I Could Go on And On, and featured performances by Sweet Fern and The Nettles.

  8. Here’s one more song from Dave Watkins’ performance at The Courtyard, RVA, during First Fridays, 3 Aug 2012.  Forgive the background talking. It seems particularly loud since Dave didn’t have a microphone.  

  9. 3 of 4

    The Blue Rajas - “Jimmy Moon”

  10. 2 of 4

    The Blue Rajas - “Reasons I Don’t Wanna Go To Your Stupid Party”

  11. 1 of 4

    My pals the Blue Rajas played 3 shows in 4 days this past week.  It was their last batch of shows for a while, as drummer Gracie is heading off to college.  For that reason (along with the fact that they were FINALLY playing someplace with decent lighting!), I decided to record as much as I reasonably could.  This first video is for “Casanova Frankenstein and Mata Hari Zombie.”

  12. The Migs playing at Bauhaus Haus in RVA. 12 Aug 2012.  A tall guy moved in front of me partway in, so most of the movement is me trying to shoot around his head.  But it actually worked out well because I captured a lot of the crowd energy, even though the images were dark.

  13. The Milkstains with a new song: “Sidewalk Suicide.”  Performed at the Camel, RVA, 4 Aug 2012.  

    (I tweaked the settings to make it a little brighter because I can never seem to take a video that’s well lit.)

  14. Al Lover performing at Strange Matter, RVA.  30 July 2012  

    I absolutely love his stuff.  I’ve played him on my show several times.  So glad he stopped in RVA on his tour.

  15. Caves Caverns at Strange Matter, 30 July 2012.

    They performed from the floor instead of the stage, so it was a bit dark, but I did my best to capture everybody.  Tweaked the settings to make them more visible.

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