1. RRFP benefit featuring Queener, Peace Beast, and The Milkstains@ Strange Matter, 929 W. Grace St., RVASunday, March 24, Doors at 5pmAll Ages $5
  2. Milkstains performing new song “Heart of Mine”, 11 Feb 2013

  3. Milkstains performing “Broken Bones” at Bandito’s.  11 Feb 2013.

    I haven’t been taking nearly as much video lately since I had pretty much clogged up the memory on my computer and phone.  But i managed to take a few in the last few months, so I’m gonna work backward and try to get them posted ASAP.  :)

  4. 86reality:

    This is the fourth episode of 86 REALITY! It aired September 04, 2012. 

    This episode features live performances by THE MILKSTAINS, as well as music by FIRE BISON, HOT DOLPHIN, NERVOUS TICKS, SACRED TEACHERS, SPORTS BAR, SWORDPLAY, and TOUGH LUCK!!! Enjoy.

    (Source: 86reality)

  5. The Milkstains
    Summer Solstice Power Jam 3, 16 June 2012

    (incomplete set, but still awesome)

    video by Silver Persinger

  6. richmonddoc:

RVA: Summer Solstice Island Powerjam—The Milkstains
  7. 19 May 2012 - The Milkstains - “La Adelita”
    Dominion Riverrock Festival, Brown’s Island, RVA 

  8. 19 May 2012 - The Milkstains - “Carrion”
    Dominion Riverrock Festival, Brown’s Island, RVA 

    Usually venues are so dark that I can’t see what I’m filming.  This time, it was so BRIGHT that I couldn’t really see what I was in my frame.  So I just did my best to aim toward the center and hope everyone would come into view at some point.  DAMN it was hot out there. 

  9. 2
  10. 10 April 2012 - The Milkstains with a sexified cover of Tom Waits’ “Jockey Full of Bourbon” at Strange Matter, RVA

    THIS, my friends, was the highlight of ALL the shows I saw in April.  Because this was the first time I ever had a song dedicated to me.  I saw the Milkstains cover “Jockey Full of Bourbon” back at Emilio’s in March.  It’s one of my favorite Tom Waits songs, so I mentioned to them afterward that I hoped they’d perform it again.  And when I ran into John (the Milkstains’ singer & guitarist) at the Strange Matter show, he said, “Hey, we’re gonna play that Tom Waits song for you tonight.”  And when he said they were gonna play it for me, I didn’t know he meant they were gonna play it FOR ME.  But sure enough, right before they started the song, John said right into the microphone that the next song was for me.  And I was tickled pink.  

    Of course, since I didn’t know WHEN they were gonna play it, I didn’t have he camera ready to record, so I didn’t even CAPTURE the dedication.  But I know it happened, and it made my night.  Here’s the rest of the performance.  Sorry it’s full of swaying, but you’ve GOT to dance when it’s YOUR SONG.  

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