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WRIR: Commonwealth of Notions Presents Volume 4
  2. pitchfork:

    Watch the first trailer for the upcoming Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You.

    I can’t wait to see this.  I adore his music.

  3. Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl - 20140213

    PODCAST from yesterday’s show. Includes now-out-of-date snow closings and never-out-of-date kick-ass music! Follow the link to download or stream.

    (Source: djgalaxygirl)

  4. galaxygirlradio:

    Ken South Rock performing “Ningen” at Strange Matter in RVA.  2 Mar 2012.  Some of the banter is NSFW, so deal with it.  

    DUDE!!!  Ken South Rock are coming back to RVA this week!!!  Steady Sounds on the 13th with Navi and Whoa!

  5. Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl - 20140206

    Time for the first of 2 weeks of songs about love, hate, sex, romance, kink, and all that fun stuff.  Follow the link to download or stream the show. (And apologies for my froggy voice!)

  6. Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl - 20140130

    *Whew*  Finally got around to uploading Thursday’s show.  I gave away tickets to see Deerhunter on this week’s show, so don’t get confused and call in and try to win them from me, ok?   

    Follow the link to download or stream. Enjoy! http://galaxygirlradio.podbean.com/2014/01/31/breakfast-blend-with-galaxy-girl-20140130/

  7. Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl - 20140123
    Follow the link to download or stream the podcast of this week’s Thursday Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl on WRIR.
  8. badgrrrlrecords:

The Roseanne and New Turks tapes are both now available at Steady Sounds!!!
…Also, be on the lookout for new releases from Heavy Midgets, Tungs, and Malatese in the coming weeks!
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December 2013 — East Village, New Yorkhttp://vanalogue.tumblr.com/
  10. Podcast of this morning’s Thursday Breakfast Blend on wrir.  Click the image to get to the podcast page, then play away!
  11. (via Shannon Cleary’s Best of RVA in 2013: Superlatives | RVA Magazine | Richmond, VA)
My favorite answer for favorite show: “Hot Dolphin @ Everything Ever”
  12. Meet Andre - New Bass Player a la Positive No



    This is Andre. He will now be playing the 4 stringed guitar in our band. We are beyond overjoyed to share this news! We’ve been hunkered down in the garber building with him over the past month getting him up to speed on all the songs and talking about swatches and skateboards.

    You may…

  13. It took way longer than expected, but this book finally arrived!  
From normals.tumblr.com:

Hard Art, DC 1979 is a curated collection of photographs culled from four electrifying 1979 punk shows in Washington, DC. Perkins, then an intern, is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner who has worked as a staff photographer for the Washington Post for twenty seven years.
The backstory: in 1995, Lely Constantinople was hired by Perkins to manage his extensive photographic collection from his career with the Post. While looking through negatives in his basement, she found the punk images and recognized MacKaye, her then boyfriend (now husband). She asked to make contact sheets to show him, thinking he might recognize himself and others, and was surprised by how excited MacKaye was to see the images, which he called “the holy grail”.
These legendary shows, preceding the soon-to-erupt punk scene, took hold in Washington, DC, in 1979 with bands like the Bad Brains, Trenchmouth, Teen Idles, the Untouchables, and the Slickee Boys, among others, at the forefront.
MacKaye’s text offers an intimate exploration of the moment from two perspectives: that of a fourteen-year-old experiencing music on his own terms for the first time, and a look again at a movement that fueled an underground generation musically and philosophically. His examination is not a nostalgic review of glory days gone, as much as a present conversation about the continuation of a way of thinking that still endures. Hard Art, DC 1979 is an intimate snapshot of “the time before the time” that punk rock found firm footing in the US.
These images capture the cathartic, infectious energy present in any group of people who seek to change their communities through music and art.
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  15. nuestrahermana:

“Women of Colour Role Models for the People,” Shameless Magazine, Spring 2009.
We were on bikes when Leah first told me about Big Momma Thorton. “She’s the original Elvis!” Leah said. “She sang Hound Dog and did the pelvis moves first. She even curled her lip, you can see it on you tube.”“Holy crap!” I said.I knew this research would be troubling, but I didn’t realize how helpless it would make me feel. Let me tell you the lost story of Willie Mae Thornton. When she was 14, Willie Mae’s mum died. She started cleaning the floors of saloons in the Montgomery Alabama. She wasn’t defeated though. She taught herself to drum, dressed like a man and didn’t take crap from anybody. One night at the saloon the singer quit and she sang in her place. She was a hit and got invited to tour with the “Hot Harlem Revue.”In 1953 she wrote the song Hound dog with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stroller. It broke into R & B charts and reached #1, and stayed there for 7 weeks, complete with Willie Mae’s signature curled lip, pelvis grind and menacing growl. She toured with Johnny Otis to the lengendary Harlem Theater “The Apollo,” where she headlined twice by popular request and earned the nickname “Big Mama Thorton.”In 1956 Elvis covered Hound Dog on “The Milton Berle show,” which broadcast to 40 million viewers. His pelvic rock started a national uproar, and he became an overnight icon. In the first year his version of “Hound Dog” sold 4 million copies, and takes 19th place in Rolling Stoned “500 Greatest Songs of all time.” Big Mama received $500. It was also the year that buses were first desegregated in America. In 1961 Big Mama wrote and recorded the song Ball and Chain. Six years later Janis Joplin covered the song at the “Montgomery pop festival.” It was her breaktrough, and she was signed to Columbia Records. In 1962, broke and demoralized, Big Mama made and effort to revive her career and toured with an R&B showcase. She was a spectacle in white student halls (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s6r3ka7_8Q&). It was a time that white audiences began to demand bues music. It was also the first year that a black student enrolled in an American university.In 1984 medical personnel found Big Mama in her L.A. boarding room, dead from a heart attack.Text by Elisha Lim. Illustration by Leah Newbold. Transcribed by Nuestra Hermana. 

Her “Hound Dog” is SOOOO much better than Elvis’ version.
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