1. galaxygirlradio:

    Ken South Rock performing “Ningen” at Strange Matter in RVA.  2 Mar 2012.  Some of the banter is NSFW, so deal with it.  

    DUDE!!!  Ken South Rock are coming back to RVA this week!!!  Steady Sounds on the 13th with Navi and Whoa!

  2. badgrrrlrecords:

The Roseanne and New Turks tapes are both now available at Steady Sounds!!!
…Also, be on the lookout for new releases from Heavy Midgets, Tungs, and Malatese in the coming weeks!
  3. fakefakeeyes:

Malhombre 7” release show

Little Black Cloud Records has just released a new 7″ by Malhombre. Featuring songs by Frederic…

Click here to stream the 7” and see photos from the release show
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  5. From Show 27 of Janetpalooza: The Diamond Center performing at Steady Sounds, RVA, 25 Mar 2012.

    Another new song whose name I couldn’t figure out!  Thanks to Brandi and Kyle for identifying these for me.  This one is called “J&J.”  

    Again, I couldn’t quite fit everyone in the frame, so I panned occasionally so you wouldn’t miss Lindsay on keyboards.  It sure is fun to watch them perform!

  6. From Show 27 of Janetpalooza:  The Diamond Center performing at Steady Sounds, 25 Mar 2012.  If I had taken 1 giant step backward I probably would have been able to fit everyone in the screen, but then someone would have surely stepped in front of me.  So, instead, I tried to pan occasionally so you could see Lindsay on keyboards.  This is a new track called “Color=Tone.”

  7. Although my 31-in-31 project is over, the posting about it isn’t finished yet.  This is from show 27 of Janetpalooza:  Casper and The Cookies performing at Steady Sounds in RVA, 25 Mar 2012.

  8. Show 27 of Janetpalooza: Casper and the Cookies, The Diamond Center
Steady Sounds, RVA, 26 March 2012
^ It was nice to have The Diamond Center back in town after several weeks of touring.  I’m only including 1 pic of them this time since I took a bunch of pics of them last time (Show #1).  But I did capture some video, which will come later.

^ The in-store performance was started by Athens, GA faves Casper & The Cookies, who changed up instruments a few times and had TWO sets of drums!

^ Casper & The Cookies changing things up.
  9. Screaming Females @ Steady Sounds, Richmond, VA.   16 Feb 2012. 

It was so crowded that the only shot I could really get was of Marissa. I was way too close to drum & bass to try to photograph them.
  10. Julie Karr @ Steady Sounds, Richmond, VA.   16 Feb 2012
  11. Screaming Females: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    Screaming Females will be playing @ Steady Sounds on Thursday, 2/16.  You can also watch them perform an NPR Tiny Desk Concert by following the link.