1. The Milkstains with a new song: “Sidewalk Suicide.”  Performed at the Camel, RVA, 4 Aug 2012.  

    (I tweaked the settings to make it a little brighter because I can never seem to take a video that’s well lit.)

  2. 2
  3. 5 June 2012 - Eurotics at The Camel, RVA

    I wish the vocals had been louder.  But it still gives you a sense of their sound if you haven’t heard them before.

  4. 30 May 2012 - Dead Fame at The Camel, RVA

    Video by Kontra.  So loud that the sound is a little fuzzed, but it’s still worth checking out.

  5. 29 May 2012 - The Hill And Wood at the Camel, RVA
I’m trying to curb my compulsion to document EVERYTHING going on at shows I go to.  So I just took a pic of this band (The Hill and Wood) since I hadn’t seen them before.  They performed with Herschel Stratego and Goldrush.
  6. From Show 29 of Janetpalooza:  Bermuda Triangles performing at The Camel, RVA, 26 Mar 2012.

  7. From Show 29 of Janetpalooza: SCUO performing at The Camel, RVA, 26 Mar 2012.  

  8. From Show 23 of Janetpalooza: Dead Fame performing “Turning” at The Camel.  22 Mar 2012.  I think the sound turned out a bit better on this one, though, unfortunately, it’s still a little blown out.  Sorry for all the shakiness, but I fucking love this song, so I finally just gave up trying to not dance since I knew the video was going to be dark anyway.

  9. From Show 23 of Janetpalooza: Dead Fame performing “We Can Run” at The Camel.  22 Mar 2012.  Sorry my video was so dark.  The band usually had awesome blue and red lights for the stage, but there was a problem somewhere with the power, so it was a bit darker than planned.  (Surprise! I posted another dark video!)

  10. Finally starting to catch up on video footage!  Here’s Bomb The Music Industry performing at The Camel.  

    This is from 19 March, day 19 of Janetpalooza.

  11. Show 29 of Janetpalooza: SCUO, Many Arms & Bermuda Triangles
The Camel, RVA, 26 Mar 2012
^ Bermuda Triangles.  They played from the floor of The Camel, which was pretty dark, but luckily someone started using the flashlight app on their phone to illuminate them, which is the only reason this pic is as bright as it is.

^ Tried using my flash, too, but you know how those turn out.  Looks like Bermuda Triangles are playing in the fog.

^ Many Arms, an instrumental power trio from Philly.

^ SCUO.  Every song was named after a body part.
  12. ^ Dead Fame
Show 23 of Janetpalooza: Dead Fame, Andrew Leahey and Homestead, Suckers
The Camel, RVA, 22 Mar 2012
FINALLY I get a chance to see Dead Fame!  I’ve missed a bunch of their performances recently for one reason or another, so I was excited to finally see them.  Although, as usual, I didn’t use flash.  And there was a problem with their stage lights, so I couldn’t see that much of them anyway.  Just means I need to see them again so that I can actually see them next time!

^ Andrew Leahey & Homestead

^ Suckers from NYC
  13. Show 19 - Amateur Thieves, Close Talker, Hold Tight, and Bomb The Music industry
The Camel, 19 Mar 2012
Wouldn’t you know it.  The one time I finally give in to the fact that shows never start on time and show up an hour late to account for that, things start on time and I miss the first band.  Sorry, Amateur Thieves.  

^ Close Talker

^ Hold Tight

^ Bomb the Music Industry (a brief moment of light!)

^ Bomb the Music Industry 

^ Bomb the Music Industry tromboniness

^ Bomb the Music Industry 
  14. Herschel Stratego performing during WRIR at the Camel, 16 Mar 2012.  You can’t include Herschel without including some of his humor for context.  It’s a shame the crowd in the  other section of the room was so noisy.  It’s also a shame I can’t remember what was on his posterboard.  Perhaps it was “Newt Gingrich- The REAL Mormon” or “Mitt Romney - Pro-Cat.”

    From Show 15 of Janetpalooza.

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