1. Nervous Ticks at Strange Matter, 23 June 2012.  

    Kyle (also of Navi and newly of the Eurotics) is drumming this time around.  I wish everyone’s vocals had been a little louder this time around.  But at least the drums stayed in place for this song!

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  3. 28 April 2012 - Nervous Ticks perform “Mindless Rev” and “Rat Brat” at Strange Matter.

    Because the floor lighting is so much darker than the stage lighting, I had a hard time seeing everyone in my screen.  I was also close enough that I knew I couldn’t FIT them all in the screen at once.  And I couldn’t really SEE what I was recording, except for Noell since the drums were pretty well lit.  I knew I could probably see Liza when the drums were to the right of the frame, so I panned back and forth to try to get everybody.  It took me a while to figure out that the light in the doorway was just past Chaz’s head, so if I could get that light in the frame, I was probably picking up Chaz as well. (Although he was still mostly in darkness, and I did cut his head off a few times. Sorry, Chaz.)

  4. 18 April 2012 - The Nervous Ticks performing “Hot Water” at Strange Matter, RVA.  

    This is a song I tried to catch when they played it at Kingdom, but my shot had been blocked by some dude with a big head who stepped RIGHT in front of me mid-song.  So this time I decided heads or no heads, I was getting this song!  As usual, I tried my darndest to keep everyone in the frame, but I didn’t always succeed.